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Historical Perspective of the Companies

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The Rex Group of Companies is made up of Rex Book Store Inc. (RBSI), Rex Printing Company, Inc. (RCPI), Rex Book Store International Inc. (RBSII), Rex Crown Publications (RCPI), Rex Digital Publishing Corp and J&J Properties and Trading Corporation.

Rex Book Store Inc. (RBSI), being its flagship company, is the leading publishing company in the Philippines. RBSI had its humble beginnings in Azcarraga Street (now Claro M. Recto Avenue) after its original store was razed to the ground by a fire. It destroyed everything except for the one unblemished prayer book Jesus, Save Me, which gave the Fonteleras and Buhains the will to go on.

It started out by importing books from foreign publishers for local distribution, then ventured into publishing law books the said year. Three years later, Rex joined textbook publication starting with high school titles and thereafter elementary and pre elementary textbook publications.

At present, it now has a network of 24 stand alone branches and 2 showrooms to serve our clients’ requirements nationwide. It has published over 8,000 titles from pre-elementary, elementary, secondary, tertiary and post collegiate including law titles and has been in existence for over 60 years.

A sister company, Rex Printing Company, Inc. (RPCI), was established in 1973 to cater to the printing needs of the ever-growing RBSI Publications. In 1973, within RPCI, the Rex Commercial Division was organized to respond to the printing needs of its quality-conscious clientele.

Another addition to the Rex Group was J&J Property and Trading Corporation, which was established in 1989 to respond to the real estate requirements of the Rex Group. These include some of the Rex Book Store branches and other knowledge and education-related structures that will be constructed in the near future.

In October 2003, a new corporate entity, Rex Crown Publications Inc. was formed, with the objective of coming up with supplementary materials, that will compliment the textbook, giving the child the full symphony of learning experience.

2005 gave birth to Rex Book Store, Inc. International (RBSII) with the objective of responding to transactions involving foreign business representatives through co-publishing, outright purchases, translations, and similar arrangements.

Finally, last December 28, 2012, the newest member of the Rex Group of Companies was created. The Rex Digital Company aims to respond to the growing demands in digital, wherein digital components are involved like ebooks and the like.

Today, the Rex Group of Companies continues to be a prime mover in education, be it in providing the highest quality educational materials, that meet the demands of the ever-changing education landscape in the country as well as other related services, keeping true to its promise to be 'Your Trusted Partner in Education'.